2. Light up your Monday with Happy faced artworks by Gordon Wiebe


  3. Just when you think you are done with looking at circles… More circle composition by yayozoide


  4. Contemporary Painting by Karin Johannesson


  5. Friday update on Nature post from Lara Alegre


  6. Abstract artwork by Austin Cheng making me want to just mix some colours on the blank canvas lying around in the room.


  7. Loving the randomness of tape sticking to form pieces of art by Kees Goudzwaard.


  8. Very fascinating CT scan-ish animation of a human body.


  9. We seen using sound and paint put together you get crazy dancing paint photography. But how about a driller coated with paint? Crazy sick photo experiment that Fabian Oefner conducted. Really awesome sick photos that comes out from it.


  10. Fun kaleidoscopic dance clip by Lucy McRae.